Suzanne Profiles First We Eat in Spring Issue of Harrowsmith

A three-page article about the First We Eat project, written by Suzanne, is appearing in the Spring issue of Harrowsmith magazine. The issue is available on newsstands now.

Harrowsmith’s tagline is: “Make. Grow. Sustain. Share.” It’s therefore not surprising that Suzanne’s message of sustainability and Northern food security is a perfect fit for the publication.  Harrowsmith has been spreading its message for over four decades, and  was the first Canadian magazine to focus on organic living, alternative energy sources, and a country lifestyle.

One Reply to “Suzanne Profiles First We Eat in Spring Issue of Harrowsmith

  1. I can’t wait to see your article in Harrow Smith, Suzanne.
    I must share a cute story with you. My Dad, in later years, was very hard to buy for on occasions like Christmas. He LOVED Harrow Smith being born into a farming family. So, I bought him a subscription. Six months later he said, “I have seen enough of those magazines so you can stop sending them now.”
    I told him they were going to keep coming until the end of the year and to just thrown them away if he didn’t want them. He told my sister “I was kind of ‘snippy’ 🙂 That was my Dad.

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