Project Team & Thankyous

First We Eat Project Team

Suzanne Crocker: Director and ‘Guinea Pig’ Michele Genest: Chef, Recipe Tester,  Northern Food Enthusiast and Consultant; Author of “Boreal Feast” and “Boreal Gourmet” Andrew Sharp:  Animator Cathie Archbould:  Photographer Leigh Joseph:  Ethnobotanist and Consultant Digital Media Team:  Dan Dowhal, Maria Sol, Gaby Sgaga Chris Healey: Web Designer and Artist Bev Gray:  Consultant, Boreal Herbalist, Author of “Boreal HerbalFunders:

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In Addition, A Big Thank You To: Jen and Loren Sadlier Diana and Ron McCready Peter Dunbar and Marion DeJean Grant Dowdell and Karen Digby Megan Waterman and Jake Duncan Lucy and Jack Vogt Sylvia Frisch and Lindsey Berwyn Larson Otto Muehlbach and Conny Handwerk John Lenart and Kim Melton Fran Morberg-Green Julia Morberg Paul Derry Gary Hoskisson Dylan McDougall Aedes Scheer and Norm Carlson David McBurney and Ren Causer Shelby Jordon Dave Robinson Sebastian Jones Becky and Paul Sadlier Katie English and Derek Hastings Dan and Andrea Reynolds Louise Piché Peter Nagano and the YTG Highways Crew TH Working Farm School Derek Hastings Dexter MacRae Jody Beaumont and the TH Heritage Department Glenda Bolt TH First Fish Culture Camp Angie Joseph-Rear Sis Vanbibber Margaret Titus Simon Nagano RJ Nagano Kyla Popadynec Greg Bruner Cathie Findlay-Brook Dawne Mitchell Heidi Bliedung Brenda Caley Tom McMahon Victor Henry Percy Henry Elfie Lenzin and Marcus Maria Ledergerger Driss Adrao and Claus Vogel Bridget Amos Dawn Kisoun and Tommy Taylor Lou Tyacke and Gary Masters Andrea Magee Dina Grenon Teresa Conkin Kim and Mike McDougall Gigi Bigras Stephenie Williams and Mike Penrose Marjorie Logue Reggie Wendy Cairns Sonya Aeschlimann Debbie Nagano Ashley Bower Bramadat Natasha Ayoub Rose Gassner Natasha Morin Tiss Clark Alchemy Café Klondike Kates Shaun, chef at Westmark Dawson Dale and Sue Bradley Brian Phelan Jim Leary Dawn Dyce Dave Hindmarsh Michael and Kathy Gates Bob Sharp Betty St. Jean and Gerard St. Jean Martin Kienzler Doug and Jen Fraser Nora Vanbibber Lee Glazier Gwen Franks Becky Hearty Lupine Bulmer Frannie and Tr'inke Zho Daycare Bob Nixon Ed Stewart Simone and Tom Rudge Diana Bronson Randy Lamb Yukon Agriculture Branch Jennifer Hall Yukon Agricultural Association Stephen Mooney Eoin Sheridan Arctic Institute of Community Based Research Glenn Scott Sharon Shorty Lone Sorenson, Agriculture Mentor, Yellowknife, NWT Northern Farm Training Institute, Hay River, NWT Qayuqtuvik Society, Iqaluit, Nunavut Les Kutny France Benoit Shirley Tagalik Ray Solotki Cindy Breitkreutz and Arno Springer Kathy Hare Freddy Frost Kieran O'Donovan Barb Secker Alfred Von Mirbach Nancy Turner Mary Gamberg  


Suzanne Crocker

Suzanne Crocker, a Yukon filmmaker, switched careers from rural family physician to filmmaker in 2009. Her feature-film-directing debut was with All The Time In The World (2014), a critically-acclaimed documentary film that has won 22 awards worldwide and screened in 25 countries in every continent except Antarctica. Suzanne lives in Dawson City with her husband and three children.

Miche Genest

Yukon author and cook Michele Genest loves cooking with the wild and cultivated foods of Canada’s boreal forest. Those foods inspired her two bestselling cookbooks, The Boreal Gourmet, Adventures in Northern Cooking (2010) and The Boreal Feast, a Culinary Journey Through the North (2014). Her most recent project, Vadzaih, Cooking Caribou from Antler to Hoof, was a collaboration with community cooks from Old Crow, Yukon, the Vuntut Gwich’in Government and the Porcupine Caribou Management Board.

Leigh Joseph

Leigh Joseph is a member of the Squamish First Nation. She completed her Masters in Ethnobotany in the department of Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria. She will be pursuing a PhD in Ethnobotany starting in September 2017. Ethnobotany is the study of the relationships between people and plants. A major part of this is study is how plants have been, and are currently utilized, medicinally and for food by different cultures. The study of Ethnobotany combines biology, Traditional Ecological Knowledge as well as approaches to creating healthy ways of living and connections to the land. Leigh has worked with her home community in Squamish to renew Ethnobotanical knowledge. She has worked with the elders, knowledge holders and youth to restore culturally important plant species and record this knowledge so that community members can utilize it into the future. She is particularly interested in the links between traditional plant use and health. Leigh has most recently worked as an Ethnobotanist with the Tahltan Nation inTelegraph Creek, British Columbia. She has also worked with Indigenous communities on Southern Vancouver Island, Kingcome Inlet and Haida Gwaii. Leigh and her husband and two children are currently living in Dawson City in the territory of the Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in People. > Visit Leigh's website

Bev Gray

Hailing from the Yukon, Beverley Gray is the author of the award winning and national bestselling book, The Boreal Herbal: Wild Food and Medicine Plants of the North. She is also the author of A Field Guide to Medicinal Wild Plants of Canada published by Harbour Publishing (2013). In addition to her books, Beverley is well known as a boreal herbalist, aromatherapist, natural-health practitioner, journalist, and an award-winning natural health-product formulator. She owns the Aroma Borealis Herb Shop in Whitehorse, Yukon. Beverley loves to share her passion for wild medicinal and food plants through herb walks, talks and medicine making.

Cathie Archbould

Cathie Arcbould has been photographing the North for over 20 years for international newspapers and magazines, corporate and government clients. For her, each new assignments brings the same level of adventure and excitement as the first one did. Her work is a study in extremes, from environmental portraiture to industrial documentation, and everything in between — editorial, creative advertising campaigns, annual reports, aerial photography, architecture, and more. In Cathie's own words: "I love the North — its people, the land, the lifestyle. This comes out in my photography."

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  1. What a wo0nderful project, Suzanne. Your head is so full of ideas that one never know what you will do next. I am excited to follow along with you on your years journey. This is so interesting and being a lover of recipes and cooking I can’t wait until it all becomes available. LOL Lois

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