Project Team & Thankyous

First We Eat Project Team:

Suzanne Crocker: Director and ‘Guinea Pig’
Michele Genest: Chef, Recipe Tester,  Northern Food Enthusiast and Consultant; Author of “Boreal Feast” and “Boreal Gourmet”
Andrew Sharp:  Animator
Cathie Archbould:  Photographer
Leigh Joseph:  Ethnobotanist and Consultant
Digital Media Team:  Dan Dowhal, Maria Sol, Gaby Sgaga
Chris Healey: Web Designer and Artist
Bev Gray:  Consultant, Boreal Herbalist, Author of “Boreal Herbal


Cold Climate Innovation – Yukon Research Centre
Yukon Media Development
Northwestel Community Cable 9
Growing Forward 2
Drift Productions Inc.

In Addition, A Big Thank You To:

Jen and Loren Sadlier
Diana and Ron McCready
Peter Dunbar and Marion DeJean
Grant Dowdell and Karen Digby
Megan Waterman and Jake Duncan
Lucy and Jack Vogt
Sylvia Frisch and Lindsey Berwyn Larson
Otto Muehlbach and Conny Handwerk
John Lenart and Kim Melton
Fran Morberg-Green
Julia Morberg
Paul Derry
Gary Hoskisson
Dylan McDougall
Aedes Scheer and Norm Carlson
David McBurney and Ren Causer
Shelby Jordon
Dave Robinson
Sebastian Jones
Becky and Paul Sadlier
Katie English and Derek Hastings
Dan and Andrea Reynolds
Louise Piché
Peter Nagano and the YTG Highways Crew
Dexter MacRae and the TH Working Farm School
Jody Beaumont and the TH Heritage Department
Glenda Bolt
TH First Fish Culture Camp
Angie Joseph-Rear
Sis Vanbibber
Margaret Titus
Simon Nagano
RJ Nagano
Kyla Popadynec
Greg Bruner
Cathie Findlay-Brook
Dawne Mitchell
Heidi Bliedung
Brenda Caley
Tom McMahon
Victor Henry
Percy Henry
Elfie Lenzin and Marcus
Maria Ledergerger
Driss Adrao and Claus Vogel
Bridget Amos
Dale and Sue Bradley
Dave Hindmarsh
Michael and Kathy Gates
Bob Sharp
Betty St. Jean and Gerard St. Jean
Martin Kienzler
Lee Glazier
Bob Nixon
Ed Stewart
Simone and Tom Rudge
Diana Bronson
Randy Lamb
Yukon Agriculture Branch
Jennifer Hall
Yukon Agricultural Association
Stephen Mooney
Eoin Sheridan
Arctic Institute of Community Based Research
Glenn Scott
Sharon Shorty
Lone Sorenson, Agriculture Mentor, Yellowknife, NWT
Northern Farm Training Institute, Hay River, NWT
Qayuqtuvik Society, Iqaluit, Nunavut
Les Kutny
France Benoit
Shirley Tagalik
Ray Solotki


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  1. What a wo0nderful project, Suzanne. Your head is so full of ideas that one never know what you will do next. I am excited to follow along with you on your years journey. This is so interesting and being a lover of recipes and cooking I can’t wait until it all becomes available. LOL Lois

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