Dawson City Ingredient List

This is a starting list for Suzanne of local ingredients she knows will be available to her in Dawson City, Yukon.  We will update the list as she discovers new ingredients. Have suggestions for Suzanne in Dawson City?  Share your knowledge here. Meat: Moose (all parts) Chicken (all parts) Boar/pig (all parts) Caribou (all parts) Mutton/Wild Sheep Turkey Grouse Rabbit Fish: Chum salmon (incl salmon eggs) Grayling Burbot Pike Dairy: Milk, cream Yogurt, Butter Cream cheese Cheese Ice cream Eggs Grains: Small amount of barley Small amount of rye Small amount of Red Fife wheat Buckwheat (not yet hulled) Hulled Oats (not yet hulled) Lambsquarter/pigsweed Fruit: Low bush cranberries High bush cranberries Rosehips Crowberries Saskatoon berries Haskap berries Black currents Blueberries (a few) Apples (a few precious apples!) Raspberries Rhubarb Strawberries Bunchberry/Dogwood berry (for its pectin) Golden Berry/Ground Cherry ( a few precious berries) Sour Cherry (a few precious cherries) Vegetables (can store fresh year round): Potatoes Carrots Cabbage Kolrabi Onions Garlic Celeriac Root Rutabaga Turnip Beets Celeriac Root Spaghetti Squash Salsify Vegetables (can store frozen, dried or canned): Tomatoes Kale Spinach Swiss chard Broccoli Romanesco Cauliflower Zucchini Celery Peas Pumpkin Hubbard Squash Buttercup Squash Tom Thumb popcorn A few Sweet Peppers A few Hot Peppers Cucumbers as fermented pickles Horseradish Seasonal only vegetables: Lettuce Green onions Cucumbers – fresh Radish Bok Choy Mustard Greens Sorrel Corn (a few precious cobs) Herbs: Lovage Basil Dill Mint Thyme Oregano Cilantro/coriander Marjoram Rosemary Parsley Sage Savory Lemon Balm Chives/Green Onions Garlic Scapes Celery Leaf dried (as salt) Nasturtium pods dried (as pepper) Wild plants: Fireweed Bear Root Juniper berries Spruce tips Labrador tea Wild Sage Colts foot Stinging Nettle Yarrow Dandelion Chickweed Wild Rose Petals Mushrooms Chaga Strawberry Blite Plantain Chamomile Willow catkins  – the sweet ones! Black Currant Leaves Sweetener: Birch syrup Honey Stevia Sugar Sugar beet syrup Thickener: Yellow dock Birch and Alder Catkins (if not allergic) Fats: Butter Moose lard Pig fat Misc: Kephir Sourdough starter