Solving the Trouble With Spinach in Dawson

Bolted Spinach
Photo by Suzanne Crocker
Suzanne has never had any luck growing spinach in Dawson… It seems to bolt almost as soon as it sprouts.  Seems like the long days of summer and hot weather of Dawson pose a problem for spinach.  Any northern gardeners have a spinach variety that works well for them?  Tips to prevent bolting? Julie Frisch used to plant New Zealand Spinach (Tetragonia Expansa) in Rock Creek in the 90’s .  It’s not a true spinach, but tastes like spinach.  It loves the heat and doesn’t bolt.  A few places to find the seed: Heritage Harvest Seed Co. William Dam Seed Co. Anyone else had success with New Zealand Spinach?

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  1. Mr. Fothergill’s Beet Leaf Perpetual Spinach has worked well in Rock Creek, Dawson. An heirloom variety that has a very long growing season, grows till it freezes hard in the fall, can be harvested all summer and has a great greens taste without the earthy taste of a beet. Usually found at the Dawson Hardware Store in the spring. – J.L.

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