Anyone in the North able to grow any of these more unusual plants?

If so, which seed variety, seed company, tips for planting?
Asparagus Bundle
Photo credit: Wikipedia Media Commons
· Yams, sweet potato? · Amaranth to seed harvesting stage? · Quinoa to seed harvesting stage? · Shorter season legumes such as turtle beans or lima beans? · Edamame (Tohya beans)? · Flax? · Avocados in a greenhouse? · Asparagus?

3 Replies to “Anyone in the North able to grow any of these more unusual plants?”

  1. Started asparagus from seed in 2013, first year over wintered inside, then planted outside. So far it has made it through 2 winters and last spring had thin pencil sized spears. Hoping to have full sized spears this spring. Once established plants are supposed to last about 20 years. Garden asparagus from wwww.saltspring

  2. Louise Piché in Rock Creek, Dawson Yukon has successfully grown ground cherries (aka golden berries), peanuts, asparagus and buckwheat. This year she will be trying to grow ginger and artichokes! We’ll keep you posted.

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