Gerard’s Blog: Resistance is Facile

“When the cat is away the mice will play!” That seems to be the sentiment of the week, the question most posed during this time of Suzanne’s absence. But fear not, for we are living in a state of self-imposed restraint.  We are now so deeply entrenched in “The Program” that we no longer depend on the wrath of Suzanne to sustain our momentum. 

The brainwashing has reaped its yield, the temptations are squashed, the longings are suppressed, the wistful explorations of taste are on the shelf of life. Throw me into a vat of salted caramels, plunk a cappuccino in my hands, and observe personal restraint in action!  Work me into a sweating lather on a hot summer afternoon, then offer me a cold beer in a frosted mug, and watch me, unfazed and resilient as I let it turn to vinegar.

My mother used to describe me as stubborn.  Suzanne labels me as obstinate-defiant.  I found it best not to ask what my employees and patients thought.  Better to imagine only the most complimentary adjectives. Although I don’t really want my tombstone to read: “Here lies one stubborn man,” I have to admit that there are benefits to having the trait. 

Like now.  When getting through the tough.  When there is a principle to uphold, when only perseverance will do. My main assistant is Tess.  She is all over the dairy products: skimming the cream, making the yogurt, shaking for butter, creating chevre.  And I have found that a successful way to maintain my poundage has been to assume the duty of ice-cream making!

We have been eating well.  Roasts and vegetables every evening.  Potato cakes, eggs and sausages every morning.  Lots of protein, dairy and complex carbohydrates.  Little sugar.  We are 6 months into “The Diet,” holding strong (possibly stubborn!) and firm in the resolve that sugar is the nemesis in the human diet.

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