Planting Suzanne’s Garden … With Fingers Crossed

Time to move the growing outside. Photo by Tess Crocker.
It’s a time awaited by many northerners … but not without some trepidation. When to start planting an outdoor garden.
In Dawson, some say wait until after the last full moon of May to start planting.  For others, it is wait ’til June 1st. Some says it’s after the first full moon of June. The bottom line, as any farmer will tell you, is that weather always makes growing somewhat of a gamble.
 Suzanne is  hoping the night time frosts are behind her and she started planting on May 28.
Suzanne planting zucchini.  photo by Kate Crocker
Sadie, the Crocker family dog, starts her year of eating local. Photo by Suzanne Crocker.

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