Recipes for Suzanne! Sunflower Seed Soup, New Potatoes with Pumpkin Seed Pesto

Suzanne Crocker loves nuts. She really loves them. So how is she going to get by without nuts for a whole year? Easy–She’ll eat seeds instead! Sunflower seeds, Styrian pumpkin seeds. She’s recruited a couple of farmers to grow the pumpkins, and she’s ordered up some Russian sunflower seeds to plant in her own garden. Both varieties are high-yield; in fact Styrian pumpkins are grown for their seeds, not their flesh. The question is, will the Dawson growing season be long enough for the seeds to mature? We don’t know. But here are a couple of recipes Suzanne might use, should she be successful. Call them aspirational. Oh. But the olive oil might be a problem…not so many olive trees in Dawson… Here are two delicious recipes containing seeds, Sunflower Seed Soup and New Potatoes in Wild Onion and Pumpkin Seed Pesto from The Boreal Feast. Enjoy!
Toasted sunflower seeds and roasted garlic work magic together in this fabulous fall soup
Pumpkin seeds and wild onions=northern pesto!

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