Traditional Seal Meat Recipe

Submitted by Ooleepeeka Veevee
Not all 100% Local ingredients

The basic traditional seal meat recipe is to chop up seal meat, leaving some blubber attached to the meat, and boil in enough water to cover the meat.  When the meat is cooked, remove from the pot and put it on a platter to serve. The broth is usually scooped into a cup to drink with the meal or after. Here is Ooleepeeka Veevee’s variation on the recipe:


Seal meat (enough for 4 people)
1 chopped onion
3 chopped carrots, fresh or frozen
2 chopped celery stalks, fresh or frozen
1 package dry soup mix, tomato vegetable is a good choice (or for a local option:  frozen tomatoes and herbs)

Frozen corn or beans or frozen mixed vegetables (containing carrots)


  1. Cut up seal, keeping bones in meat for improved taste & nutrition.
  2. Boil seal meat in enough water to cover meat.
  3. Add the vegetables and seasonings.  Boil until seal meat is cooked & vegetables are tender.  May add seaweed to broth at end of cooking.
  4. When done, remove seal meat from pot & serve on platter, with an accompanying cup of broth.
Ketchup makes a fine dip for the seal meat, if so desired.
Click here for a recipe for homemade ketchup Yukon style.

Mamaqtuq! Delicious!