The Palate Palette

The Palate Palette
Cathie Archbould, Photographer

The Palate Palette and the Rule of 6!

“You need to try a new food or drink 6 times before you decide whether you like it or not. Our bodies will begin to crave things that it needs, but we have to develop a relationship with it first.”

Gerald Bruce Miller (subiyay), Skokomish Tribal Leader

When we first nibble on edible wild flora, often it is more bitter, less salty or not as sweet as tastes we are used to. That’s where the rule of 6 comes into play. Try it again. Delicate flavours reveal themselves. One more time, and we are starting to expect the unique essence that meets our taste buds. After trying it 6 times, our taste for the wild has changed our palate and we can enjoy natural foods the way they are: wild and full of flavour.

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