Fully Customizable Personal Action Pledge

If you want to fully customize Page 2 of the Personal Action Pledge to be able to create your own categories for resources relevant to your community, we share this Canva template
To Use:
    • Don’t change Page 1 or else you will lose the interactivity option for the check boxes
    • Duplicate Page 2 before you make any changes so that the base template remains the same for other users
    • Make your changes only on your duplicated Page 2 
    • Press the “Download” button and then select Page 1 and your duplicated  Page 2
    • After download is complete, delete your duplicated Page 2 so that the base template remains the same for other users
If you prefer to receive feedback  from respondents, you can use this Google Form template for the Personal Action Pledge
To Use:
    • Before you add any information, make a copy, by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right corner and choosing “Make a Copy”
    • Name your copy
    • Only make changes in your copy, so that the basic template remains the same for future users
    • In your copy , Section 2, you can add names, links and phone numbers for organizations specific to your community
    • You can alter any sections that you want in your copy
    • Once you share the form, respondents and collated data will show up when you click on  “Responses”  at the top of the form.