Suzanne’s Blog: The Home Stretch

I am now in the last month of a full year of eating 100% local to Dawson City. At this point, I would have expected to be sprinting towards the finish line – a piece of chocolate, a cup of strong black tea and plateful of sushi temptingly waiting for me on the other side. But rather than sprinting, I want to put on the brakes.  I want this last month to stretch out as long as possible.

It is with trepidation and some sadness that I think of Cheerios, bagels, coconuts and all manor of exotic and processed non-local foods re-entering our kitchen.  Items which are now fully engrained in my psyche as ‘contraband’.

After we returned from living in the bush, I was determined to continue making my own yogurt, my own crackers, my own bread.  But gradually, despite my initial resolve, convenience overcame my intentions.  Ritz and Triscuits became mainstays in the cupboard, yogurt once again came from the store, packages of bagels lined our counter.  Will the same thing happen this time or will my resolve prevail?

When it comes to cooking, I do better with boundaries.  Limitless choice handcuffs me.  I have evidence of this from my past.  In university I became paralyzed in the cafeteria line up when I was asked “cheddar or mozzarella?”  I avoid restaurants with six-page menus.  It’s also one of the reasons I live remotely.  When you go to the store for a new toaster, you buy the only toaster on the shelf – no decisions to be made.

The constraint of cooking with only local ingredients has done wonders for my previously non-existent culinary talents! I might just continue to avoid grocery shopping.  If my family wants it, let them go to the store and buy it.  I suspect the novelty of shopping might quickly dissipate after their August 1st shopping spree.  But then again, baking powder would be nice.        

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