Suzanne’s Blog: What’s Missing?

Only two months left in my year of eating 100% local to Dawson. And it is not joy nor eager anticipation that I feel as the end approaches, but a sense of melancholy. I don’t want to stop. I loathe the day that packaged and processed foods re-enter the fridge and the cupboards and I know that I will be powerless to stop it.

My family has put up with this experiment for almost a year, and they are very much looking forward to the shopping spree on August 1st. Tess misses salt and the ability to pour herself a bowl of Cheerios in the morning. Kate misses baking – the fluffy sort that comes with white flour, baking powder and white sugar. Sam misses grab and go filler food – bagels, crackers, a limitless supply of apples all year round. Gerard misses big tubs of unrationed ice-cream.

And what do I miss? Surprisingly almost nothing. Except a hot mug of strong black tea – which I am loathe to return to after ten months of being caffeine free. I expected I would miss chocolate, avocados, oranges, sushi, nutritional yeast on butter slathered popcorn… But it is not these things that I miss. I miss salad dressing! Vegetable oil and balsamic vinegar salad dressing! Fresh greens are back on the menu and I now realize just how much I miss salad dressing. Lettuce, on its own, just doesn’t cut it for me. Ghee (clarified butter) and melted animal fat do not make good vegetable oil alternatives for salad.

Rhubarb juice (my vinegar) doesn’t have enough punch on its own. I have tried making a ranch style dressing with yogurt, herbs, garlic and honey but it is still missing something. So, with 2 months left to go, and fresh greens popping out of the ground, I am determined to crack this case. There must be a 100% local salad dressing option that can rival vegetable oil & balsamic vinegar. Help? If you have any suggestions, please let me know!!

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  1. Thrilled to see I stumbled across your blog while looking for spruce tip recipes! My first instinct is Sunflower seed oil….not sure of the northernmost possibilities there… As for vinegar…thats simply going to take flavour experimentation! I am motivated to give it a try upon finding out this is a problem with as yet no solution!

    1. I thought of sunflower seed oil too. Unfortunately our season is just not long enough for sunflower seeds to get to maturity. I must have collected every sunflower grown in my town and I only ended up with a 1/4 cup of seeds! Would be happy to hear of any positive vinegar experiments!

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