Suzanne has challenged herself to spend one year eating only food local to Dawson City, Yukon – to create a public conversation about food self-sufficiency with communities across the North.

Welcome Northerners! Suzanne will use her one-year challenge to start a public conversation  about food self-sufficiency with communities across the North. Through social media and this website, First We Eat wants to collaborate with people and organizations that can help Suzanne’s journey by sharing knowledge, both traditional and innovative, on eating local North of 60 – not just in Dawson, but all across the North.

First We Eat will also put out specific calls for assistance – for example right now is the time to plan which seeds to order. You can help grow this project by sharing, contributing and following. Here are some ways to interact with this website and help advance food security for communities North of 60:

  1. Add your experience, challenges and wisdom by sharing your knowledge through our online form.
  2. Sign up for our email newsletter to get all the latest updates and questions.
  3. Contact us directly.
  4. Comment at the bottom of this post or any page on our website.
  5. Join the conversation on Social Media – share your photos, quotes and news with us and our community.
  6. Let us know how your own projects and efforts are doing! We want to follow along with you as well!
A new project by Suzanne Crocker  Suzanne Crocker, producer and director of First We Eat, a documentary about eating only locally-grown foods in Dawson City, Yukon, in Canada's North, for one year.
Known for her award-winning 2014 documentary about her family’s off-grid experience, All The Time In The World, Crocker is now setting her sights on creating a public conversation about food self-sufficiency with communities across the North.[/expand]

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