Mashed Potato Cakes

A staple for Suzanne’s family breakfasts.  If one cooks up a big batch of mashed potatoes at the beginning of the week, the potato cakes can be altered a bit every morning.


1- 2 eggs Mashed potatoes (with or without butter and milk)
Finely chopped onions or chives (fresh or dried)
Finely chopped garlic or garlic scapes
Herbs (such as dried, ground celery leaves)

Optional:  mashed pumpkin, mashed sugar beet or any other left over cooked vegetable in the fridge that can be mashed

Suzanne cooks up a big batch of about 10 lbs of mashed potatoes at the beginning of the week and then alters the potato cakes a bit every day depending on what else is in the fridge.  The vegetables and herbs (minus the eggs) can be mixed ahead and stored in the fridge for quick cooking breakfasts.


  1. Beat the egg(s) in a medium bowl.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.
  3. Drop large spoonfuls onto a hot grill or skillet, seasoned with animal fat or butter.
  4. Once they start to brown, flip and pat down into pancake shape with the spatula.  Ready when both sides have browned to your liking.
Serve with anything.  Especially good with fried eggs.  Other options to accompany them:  sausage, bacon, fried tomatoes, fried cheese.