Jim Leary ice fishing for burbot from the Yukon River, Dawson City, Yukon. Photo by Suzanne Crocker.

First we eat, then we do everything else.”
— M.F.K.Fisher

Suzanne Crocker, an award winning filmmaker and retired family doctor, has challenged herself to spend one year feeding her family only food local to Dawson City, Yukon – a remote Northern Canadian community at 64° north, 300 km south of the Arctic Circle – to create a public conversation about food self-sufficiency with communities across the North.



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Suzanne's list of available local ingredients:

Meat: Moose (all parts) Chicken (all parts) Boar/pig (all parts) Caribou (all parts) Mutton/Wild Sheep Turkey Grouse Rabbit Fish: Chum salmon (incl salmon eggs) Grayling Ling cod/Burbot Pike Dairy: Milk, cream, Yogurt, Butter Cream cheese Cheese Ice cream Eggs Grains: Small amount of barley Small amount of rye Small amount of Red Fife wheat Lambsquarter/pigsweed Fruit: Low bush cranberries High bush cranberries Rosehips Crowberries Saskatoon berries Haskap berries Black currents Blueberries (a few) Apples (a few precious apples!) Raspberries Rhubarb Strawberries Bunchberry/Dogwood berry (for its pectin) Golden Berry/Ground Cherry (a few precious berries) Sour Cherry (a few precious cherries) Vegetables (can store fresh year round): Potatoes Carrots Cabbage Kolrabi Onions Garlic Celeriac Root Rutabaga Turnip Beets Celeriac Root Spaghetti Squash Salsify Vegetables (can store frozen, dried or canned): Tomatoes Kale Spinach Swiss chard Broccoli Romanesco Cauliflower Zucchini Celery Peas Pumpkin Hubbard Squash Butternut Squash A few Sweet Peppers A few Hot Peppers Cucumbers as fermented pickles Horseradish Seasonal only vegetables: Lettuce Green onions Cucumbers - fresh Radish Bok Choy Mustard Greens Sorrel Corn (a few precious cobs) Herbs: Lovage Basil Dill Mint Thyme Oregano Cilantro/coriander Marjoram Rosemary Parsley Sage Savory Lemon Balm Chives/Green Onions Garlic Scapes Celery Leaf dried (as salt) Nasturtium pods dried (as pepper) Wild plants: Fireweed Bear Root Juniper berries Spruce tips Labrador tea Wild Sage Colts foot Stinging Nettle Yarrow Dandelion Chickweed Wild Rose Petals Mushrooms Chaga Strawberry Blite Plantain Chamomile Willow catkins  - the sweet ones! Sweetener: Birch syrup Honey Stevia Thickener: Potato starch Yellow dock Birch and Alder Catkins (if not allergic) Fats: Butter Moose lard Pig fat Misc: Kephir Sourdough starter

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